We're taking you on a Journey...


ImposterPunks is an exciting new NFT project exclusive to WAX

The concept is based around combining unique character collectibles with a story. ImposterPunks is a series of chapters that begin by introducing the characters and then following them on their journey deeper into the blockchain. Who they meet and encounter on their travels remains to be seen.

Join them on their quest and see what they discover...

Chapter 1
Imposters need disguises

The imposters come to earth to explore the blockchain and find out what all the hype is surrounding NFTs, but they need disguises to avoid detection.

Chapter 2
The big dig

With their disguises on, the imposters are looking to find a way on to the blockchain. 

A tunnel would be the perfect way to gain access without being detected. There must be somebody who can help. 


The chapters explained

There are 10 chapters in total. Chapter 1 introduces the imposters and is made up of 2000 character collectibles. Chapters 2 to 10 will introduce lots of other characters as well as blends, utility and other exciting things that will make the project fun and engaging.

Every chapter will be preceded with a comic strip. And there will be lots of stickers dropped along the way too!

This is the first project of its kind on WAX. Be a part of our growing community and join us on our journey!

Prepare and schedule chapter 2 drop
Get discord fully setup
Add sales bot for discord
Get listed on CryptoSlam
Exploring building a clubhouse in Uplift
Introduce Community Rewards
Add images next to traits on the website